Birth control

Birth control, All my troubles seem so far away. When I'm going up my girlfriends hole. Oh, I believe in birth control. Suddenly, There's a shotgun hanging over me. It was unexpected pregnancy. Oh, I believe in birth control. Why, I had to come. I don't know she wouldn't blow. I stayed in too long. Now I long for birth control. Syphilis, It just started with a simple kiss. Now it even hurts to take a piss. Oh how did I get syphilis? Leprosy, There are pieces falling off of me. I'm not half the man I used to be. Oh I believe I've leprosy. Why her box was sick? I don't know she wouldn't say. Now my dripping dick won't get hard. Like yesterday...ay...ay...ay. Yesterday, My cock was always coming out to play. Now it needs two weeks to hide away. Oh I believe in yesterday, I believe in yesterday.